Saturday, July 21, 2007

Just Had to Share

Love this new show on Lifetime- State of Mind. It is quite possibly the best and funniest protrayl of therapists. The hard part of work and personal life is all right there. I love love love it. Now 2 or 3 episodes from now I might change my mind but so far it's great. The sessions are like snapshot from my own work and the messy personal life, well we all know that's real. it almost reminds of me of what I love about doing therapy in the first place. check it out.

It also made me think of a professor I had in undergrad who told me once that the best therapists are english majors because really a good writer has to understand the how people relate and tell the story. And the truth is that good therapy is about understanding how people relate and helping them rewrite their story. so maybe writing is the right path... I guess we'll see.

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